Dragon Medical 360 – Network Edition

Dragon Medical 360 is a Speech Recognition software program. When you talk, it types. It has 80+ specialty vocabularies included, such as general medicine, emergency, cardiology, obstetrics, etc. It can type up to 160 wpm and learns as you talk, customizing its vocabulary and voice profile specifically for each person. It integrates with multiple EHRs, allowing dictation directly in most free-text fields. The added bonus for Dragon Medical 360 is it also includes built-in commands such as “Click OK” and “Click Cancel” that can allow you to navigate the EHR with less touching of a mouse. You can also create custom commands that can insert templates and take the place of keystrokes and/or mouse clicks.

The important thing to remember about Dragon Medical 360 is that it learns as you use it. It can learn both good and bad habits. In the beginning, Dragon will misunderstand certain words and phrases as it’s getting to know the way you speak. It’s especially important in the beginning to train Dragon when it makes a mistake so it will dictate correctly the next time. Without training, it will degrade over time and slowly lose it’s ability to understand what you’re saying. With proper training, Dragon is a powerful tool.

**Remember to ALWAYS log out of EACH Dragon session**
If you begin a Dragon session on one machine, you need to end that session (on that same machine) BEFORE starting a session on another machine. If 2 sessions begin on separate computers it will cause your Dragon profile to be corrupted. Symptoms of a corrupted profile include: dictating gibberish, skipping lines, mic seems like it’s not working, and/or slow dictation.
If you suspect your Dragon profile is corrupt please contact the Service Desk at 1(877)470-5065.**



Dragon – Setting Up Your Profile

Dragon – Commands Quick Sheet

Dragon – Cheat Sheet

Dragon – Creating Templates

Dragon – Exporting Templates

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