PatientKeeper Mobile Clinical Results™ provides mobile capabilities via a native app for iOS. Providers can view results, enter orders, and on iPads, write notes and utilize order sets while rounding or from any remote location. The Android device is now available, in limited form.

Patient Keeper coming functionalities

Other functions scheduled to be included in the PatientKeeper pilot implementations include:

  • NoteWriter
  • CPOE
  • Medication Reconcilliation (desktop)
  • PatientList v2
  • E-Signature/Inbox (desktop)

PatientKeeper NoteWriter™ - Available at West Valley Medical Center, Utah facilities planned in 2018

PK NoteWriter enables clinicians to create robust, complete documentation using mouse clicks, free text typing, and voice recognition. Notes are built using core templates that can be personalized through the use of user defined and institutionally defined common text phrases, known as Quick Text. Information from prior notes can be re-used through deliberate importation of historical documentation by section. As well, test results and snippets of text can be imported into the Data section of the notes by easy user selection during data review. NoteWriter utilizes a structured, coded ICD-10 compliant problem selector to build the Assessment and Plan section.

PatientKeeper CPOE™ - Coming TBD

PK CPOE allows providers to place orders from multiple locations in the EHR that supports a flexible, workflow driven order entry process. For example, a provider reviewing a lab result can re-order that lab right from the result. A provider can easily task switch between the template and CPOE module without having to save and exit. PatientKeeper CPOE supports drug-drug, drug-allergy and duplicate therapy checking decision support. Alerts are more configurable in PatientKeeper so only the most critical interrupt the workflow, while others are intelligently presented in-line with the order for the provider's review and consideration. PatientKeeper also presents order sets in an easy to read, comprehendible layout for efficient manipulation. Providers can store individual and/or department favorites for quick access to commonly ordered items and order sets.

PatientKeeper Medication Reconciliation™ (Desktop) - Coming TBD

PK Medication Reconciliation makes it easy for providers and other clinicians to electronically transition patient medications from home to hospital during admission, from location to location in the hospital during transfers, and back to the home at time of discharge. PatientKeeper Medication Reconciliation provides an intuitive layout to distinguish between home medications and hospital medications that are already active. The system also automatically matches home and hospital medications, including brand/generic and therapeutic class matching, which allows a provider to easily continue the home or hospital therapy with a single click. Med Rec decisions made during discharge can flow to the Discharge Summary to streamline documentation. At discharge, the system can generate printed prescriptions for filling new or renewed home medications.

Patient List v2 - Available Now

The patient list is a core element of EHR functionality and serves as the launching point for any EHR interaction. PatientKeeper's newly re-designed Patient List addresses the complexities of today's hospital environment – a world in which providers have dynamic coverage schedules, working in teams and shifts, with the need for nurses to know which provider is covering which patients at any given time. That is why the PatientKeeper Patient List allows for flexible team assignments, and provides views to show various care team and patient relationships. Views by floor and location are also available. Individual users can build and display their patient list in whatever way is most convenient and meaningful to them, either on PatientKeeper's web-based portal, tablet or smartphone.