iMobile Update (Version 19.1.3)

Mobile Heartbeat is incredibly excited to announce the release of MH-CURE version 19.1.3 This release overhauls the user interface for both Android and iOS applications, and is the result of extensive R&D through a partnership with the Apple design lab. We have also added a number of high impact functional features that will make end users more efficient in their communication workflows.

Despite some minor known bugs with this new update, due to a significant patient safety risk we’re continuing with the upgrade implementation with a patch to follow in 4-6 weeks.


This update requires all personal device users to update in order to continue using the Mobile Heartbeat application.




MH-CURE 19.1 Overview Video

Enhancements Video – (Playtime 10:00)

MH-CURE 19.1 Education

Education Tips

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