iMobile Update (Version 19.3)

The Mobile Heartbeat update to version 19.3 includes improvements and new features, see the video overview at the bottom of this page.

  • Status Icons
    • Users will now see a green [available], orange [busy], or white [offline] circle icon indicating status
  • Customer Status and Tagging
    • Users can customize their status message and tag other users to contact while they’re away
  • Unread Text Notifications and Alerts
    • New messages will now appear with a bold username and blue time stamp
  • New Info Icon
    • Users can now select an info icon next to the senders name in a message to see their role or facility information
  • Offline User Notifications
    • If a user attempts to send a message to an offline user they will now see a prompt to confirm sending the message or cancel
  • New Lab Result Icon
    • Patients with new lab results will show a flask icon next to their name for 4 hours
  • Patient Browsing Improvements
    • Users can search for patients that are not assigned to them, in their assigned units, or currently selected hospital without having to select them from the dashboard first
    • Users can also use the search box to find any patient
  • Browse, Locate and Favorite Dynamic Roles
    • Users can browse a dynamic role by selecting ‘Contacts’ and then ‘Browse Dynamic Roles by Hospital’
    • To favorite a dynamic role–users must locate the dynamic role from the ‘Browse Dynamic Roles’ function (not available through the ‘Dynamic Roles’ function on the dashboard)
  • Selecting Action Items on Alerts
    • Users can now choose action items from the floating/banner notification on their mobile device
    • Action items are available when users are logged into MH-CURE and the app is in the foreground or background

If you have the MH-CURE application through Workspace One Intelligent Hub you will receive the app update according to your personal device auto-update settings, or you can manually update from the HCA App Catalog.
All other providers will need to update using the Container application step-by-step instructions below. 

MH-CURE 19.3 Overview Video

19.3 Improvements and New Features

***Mobile Heartbeat 19.3 Update--Click here for more info***