M*Modal is a next-generation, all-in-one speech recognition solution that enables physicians
of any medical specialty to conversationally create, review, edit and sign clinical notes directly
within EHR templates.

M*Modal is used to dictate on a patient’s chart in whatever text field the
provider needs to use. M*Modal can also be used to navigate through the EMR or perform functions
inside of the EMR to allow more efficient provider workflow. By capturing spoken dictation and
turning it into both text and structured data, M*Modal offers a high-accuracy, portable and
secure speech solution so clinicians can simultaneously create rich patient information and
documents that are inter-operable with many systems and empower many users.



M*Modal – Intro PowerPoint

M*Modal – Fluency Direct User Guide

M*Modal – iPhone Setup Video

M*Modal – Mobile Microphone App Instructions

M*Modal – Example of PDOC use in Meditech


***Mobile Heartbeat 19.3 Update--Click here for more info***