Ann Davis

Education and Communication Coordinator

Mountain Division HCA IT&S

Ann Davis, Education and Communication Coordinator for Mountain Division IT&S, has been employed in various capacities by HCA for more than 30 years, the past 18 in IT&S.  With a background in journalism, law enforcement, performing arts, creative and technical writing, healthcare (including 30 years as an RN) and education, Ann brings a wide spectrum of skills and broad perspective to her role.  From her office at the IT&S Service Center in Salt Lake City, Ann coordinates the professional development of the 175+ IT support staff, as well as overall organizational development for Mountain Division IT&S.  Additionally, Ann and her team facilitate end-user eMR training and apply their expertise to implementation of IT&S products and systems.  The team also supports the HealthStream and Physician Learning Centers (HLC and PLC)–the Learning Management System utilized by HCA.

Outside of work, Ann volunteers for social and animal welfare organizations, having a particular passion around people and pets experiencing homelessness.