Nicole Stauffer

Physician Support Analyst

HCA Mountain Division IT&S

Nicole joined the HCA IT&S team in 2012 and has been part of the Service Desk supporting Mountain, Far West and the East Florida Divisions with several different roles throughout her time. Starting as an Analyst, she was promoted to Senior Analyst and also given the training and knowledge to pursue Epic Security to help alleviate issues during non-traditional business hours on an as needed/emergency basis. With that knowledge and experience, she decided to keep growing herself within the IT&S family and become a Physician Support Analyst to help continue to assist and further advance her relationship with our physicians and their staff. Nicole has many years of IT experience outside of the HCA IT&S family, resulting in over 10 years of IT experience.
Nicole not only has many different roles within HCA IT&S, but she does in her personal life as well. She is a mother of 4, is a Vice President of a non-profit organization she helped create, loves to play video games and enjoys quilting when she can. It may seem like a lot, but she loves every hat she wears and excels in each aspect of her professional and personal life with ease.

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